Why Is So important to use an Amazon Url Shortener

Anouar Miliani
Anouar Miliani Published on February 13, 2023

Utilizing Foxly's Amazon link shortener can lead to up to 40% more clicks on your product. Additionally, it can aid in constructing brand recognition, plus connect with advanced analytics such as Amazon Attribution, Google Analytics, and the Facebook Pixel.

Why You Must Use An URL Shortener?

Which one looks professional?

This Url:



Or this one?


Both links lead to the same place. One is visually more appealing and will generate more clicks.

If you want to get the most out of your Amazon product, use a short link to get people clicking. An Amazon URL shortener should be used when sharing or promoting links via email, social media, or product insert to produce results. in other ways. From allowing you to retarget link clicks, to integrating with analytics tools.

Discover 7 advantages of Foxly's Amazon link shortener to make powerful, branded short URLs.

Shorten Amazon Links for  Ease of use

 Amazon links include many details which are important internally to Amazon - they show when someone clicked, how they clicked (from search, ad, or suggested products), and provide analytics to sellers.

Customers may view links with extra info as spam. Short links get more clicks as they appear more secure.

20-30% more clicks when compared to a full URL. If a link needs to be typed in, such as on a product insert or YouTube video, the click rate can be multiplied by 1000.

Including a link in product inserts or YouTube videos is only useful if it's short and simple. People won't bother typing a long URL. Short links also help on social media, where there are character limits.

Do you want an ugly URL taking up space, or use the characters to communicate your brand?

Create Branded Links.

Using an Amazon link shortener lets you create your own branded URLs.

This is essential for marketing outside Amazon,

As it helps build your own brand rather than Amazon's. People will remember your brand easier than Amazon's,

leading to more clicks. Data shows that branded links generate 34-39% more clicks than generic URLs.

Link Management

Another key part of a link shortener is the ability to manage your links from one dashboard.

Url Management

Link management is the process of organizing, editing, and controlling the links you share. This is important for collaboration, controlling your brand image, and more.

You might be sharing links to your product, or to a promotional landing page, on multiple platforms. A link management system lets you see which URLs were shared on which platforms, and which attract the most clicks.

You can also edit or delete these links at any point. For example, if you’re running a promotion that has just expired.

It also makes it super easy to create unique short URLs for different publishers or influencer partners, so you can craft a custom offer for their audience, or track clicks in order to pay out commissions.

Tracking & Analytics

There’s a saying I like. It goes, “what gets measured gets managed”.

If you’re not measuring the performance of your marketing campaigns, you’re not managing them.

If you’re not managing your campaigns, you’re leaving it up to dumb luck whether they are successful or not.

It’s a MUST to track and analyze the links you share to your product. You want to know which channels you’re getting your traffic from, and which audiences respond best to your marketing efforts.

That lets you put more resources into channels that work, or dedicate time to fix those that don’t.

You can only do this with an Amazon URL shortener, that allows you to gather data on your links. Even better if you integrate your URL with tools like the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, which offer many more details than simply the number of clicks.


Everyone in online marketing should know about retargeting.

Retargeting is when you market toward people who have taken specific actions, such as having clicked a specific link.

The idea is that having taken this action, they’ve already shown interest in your brand or your offer. Thus, your chances of getting a conversion are better if you target ads toward these people, rather than taking a stab in the dark with a cold audience.

With an Amazon link shortener, you can retarget link clicks, by adding the Facebook Pixel or other tracking code to your links. As a result, you’ll be able to set up custom retargeting audiences that increase your paid ads’ ROI exponentially.

Integrating with Amazon Attribution

The Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics can only track so far. If you want to track data for your links right through to Amazon – such as to see how many people purchased your product or added it to their cart – you’ll need to use Amazon Attribution.

You can create Attribution links on their own in your Amazon Advertising Console, however, these won’t be able to be integrated with the Facebook Pixel, and are long and unsightly. The best solution is to use a link shortener.

Foxly's Amazon URL shortener features a one-click integration with Amazon Attribution. You can connect with your Amazon account to create attribution-tagged links right in your Foxly account, then shorten them and add additional tracking code (i.e. the Pixel).

This lets you track and measure your traffic from start to finish – from a click on social media, right through to the purchase on Amazon.

Keeping Parameters and Tags Intact

URL structure is important in many use cases.

If you want to enable tracking code or add affiliate tags to your link, you need to ensure the URL is structured correctly, so neither the link nor the tracking script breaks.

An Amazon link shortener is the only way to keep vital URL parameters or tags intact, while simultaneously shortening the URL to a user-friendly, branded link.

Summing Up: Amazon URL Shortener Use Cases

Any time you share your Amazon link on an external channel, it’s best to use a branded short link.

Use cases for an Amazon URL shortener include:

  • Links in emails
  • Social media posts
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Other paid ads (TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest)
  • Influencer marketing partnerships
  • Links in affiliate blogs
  • Links on product inserts
  • YouTube video links

By shortening your Amazon links, attaching your brand to the URL, and measuring your results with a link management platform and Amazon Attribution, you’re going to be able to build more cost-effective marketing campaigns and grow your brand’s presence far beyond the confines of the Amazon platform.

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